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What Surfaces Can Be Refinished?

Our refinishing system works beautifully on porcelain, cast iron, acrylic, fiberglass, laminates, wood, vitreous china, cultured marble, solid surface and ceramic tile.


How Does Refinishing Compare to Replacement Cost?

Surface refinishing will almost always be a fraction of the cost of replacement. You may save anywhere from 50-80% over the cost of replacement. The cost of replacement not only includes the fixture but the labor for removal, plumbing, carpentry, sheet rock and tile setting, plus the time that you cannot use that surface or fixture. Surface refinishing is very eco-friendly, it allows us to restore a surface to a like new state, helping conserve natural resources.


How Durable Are Refinished Surfaces?

We use the most technologically advanced and durable coatings available. These finishes are consumer safe and designed for daily use with normal care and maintenance.


Can I Change The Color Of My Existing Surface?

Yes! Choose from standard bathroom finishes, or we can duplicate any color from Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Kohler, Aquaglass and many more. You are only limited by your imagination.


How Long Do I Have To Wait Before Using The Surface?

Most surfaces can be used within 2-24 hours from completion


Why Should I Refinish Instead Of Using A Bathtub Or Shower Liner?

Liners are at least 5 times as expensive as refinishing. Liners use acrylic or PVC plastic pieces molded to fit your tub and glued in place. Improper installation or measurement may cause a gap between the tub and liner. Over time, the flex can cause a crack in the liner surface. Water can enter this gap causing mold and mildew to grow causing a squishy feel producing obnoxious odors and an unhealthy environment for your family.


Do You Warranty Your Work?

YES! If the surface starts to peel, flake or chip within 6 years from the refinishing date, the repair is covered free of charge! Normal wear and tear is not covered.

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